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Proven reliability, durability, ease of maintenance, low operating costs and a range of safety features make our mechanical drive rigid dump trucks the trucks of choice for mining and quarrying applications across Africa.
With the highest horsepower and engine retardation in their class, they offer outstanding fuel efficiency. Advanced transmission systems, traction and automatic retard speed control, effectively govern downhill travel speeds on even the steepest of inclines under the weight of a full payload.
Advantages of Mining| Mine dump Trucks
  1. High efficiency and Cost effective
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. No complex electronics
  4. Powerful to ensure uninterrupted operation
  5. Adapt to harsh conditions
  6. Good economy: high-explosive pressure and optimized injection and combustion system, ensuring its low specific oil consumption at a wide range of sppds, Minimum specific oil consumption is 186/kwh.
  7. Low nose: noise reaches the international level.
  8. High-integration: volume of spare parts reduced 25% compared with the similar products in the world, highly reducing the failure points.
  9. Long life of B10: reach the most advanced world level of heavy duty truck, 1.5 million kms.
  10. Long oil change interval: for Euro IV oil, the first oil change mileage( oil change interval) for the road vehicles since left factory shall be up to 100.000 kms, for the oil selling bu Petrochina and Sinopec. it shall be up to 60.000 kms, greatly reducing the cost.
  11. Advanced design concept, optimise the structure according to user's usage habits, easy maintenance.

HW600L Crawler Dumper for sale
ID: 1351
Qty Available: 5 units
Manufactured by: Shandong Hengwang Group
The price: $ P.O.A.

NEW HW600L Crawler Dumper  Max.payload(T):0.6  Power(hp):9  Overall size(L*W*H)(mm):1800*750*1200    HW600L Crawler Dumper compact, free to walk in a narrow space.  Can meet the needs of water conservancy construction, orchard transportation, mountain climbing, engineering transportation.     Main feature    1. Diesel engines or electric engines may be selected ;  2. Having hydraulic self-unloading function, saving human resources ;  3. 45 steep slope can climb with strong terrain .........

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Mini Dumper TOPALL  SD15-13DP 4WD for sale
ID: 1233
Qty Available: 50 units
The price: $ P.O.A.

Brand NEW Palm Oil Dumper Truck TOPALL SD15-13DP    Engine CY1105 Water Cooling Diesel Engine-1 CYLINDERS  Specification ISO, CE, SONCAP, CO, PVOC  Bucket capacity 750 liters  Dumper for: Palm Fruit Loading  Standard equipments operating accessories, operating instructions    TOPALL SD15-13DP oil palm mini dumper is special for palm fruit harvest countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar,Malaysia, Nigeria, Cote divoire.    Agricultural vehicle, designed to perform in all types of terrain, while .........

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