Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  1. Whats the difference between "Prepared Price" and "As Is Price"?
  2. Can I order goods for a non embargoed destination and then ship to an embargoed destination?
  3. Do I need RHD or LHD?
  4. Why do I need a De-Gas Certificate to ship a tanker truck/trailer?
  5. When or where do we advertise for recruiting certain staff?
  6. Why Don't You Show Prices?
  7. Do you have a brochure or video you could send?
  8. General Question - Do you give a warranty?
  9. Do you do part exchanges?
  10. Can you arrange inspections of equipment?


  1. Do I need to Pay VAT
  2. Terms
  3. Do you accept Letters of Credit

Export Licences

  1. Why do I need an export licence
  2. How much does a licence cost?
  3. How long does a licence last?
  4. How do I complete the End User Document?
  5. Do I need one?

Import Questions

  1. New Land Rover's - Can I import into the USA or Canada?


  1. Where are we based?


  1. Do you arrange shipping
  2. What are Incoterms?

Stock Questions

  1. Do you stock parts for ex-military planes?


  1. What is Reserve Stock?

The UK HGV Driving Licence

  1. Do I need a HGV Licence?
  2. What is the difference between HGV and LGV?
  3. Do I need a Full Driving Licence to get a HGV Licence?
  4. Where to find contacts the UK DVLA?

MILITARY MAN Trucks - best offers

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 MAN HX60 4x4 stock
Large Surplus MAN HX60 4x4 stock
The MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 all-wheel drive vehicle range has been designed to provide high mobility off-road to military customers while carrying heavy loads and are available today from our stock.
We have different models of the new and used MAN HX60 in stock to include drop side cargo models with canopy, troop carriers, flat bed, Falcon, winch and crane trucks.


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