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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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Description XCMG XDE240 Heavy Rigid mining Dump Truck 6x4

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NEW XCMG XDE240 LARGEā€‹ Electric Drive Rigid Dump Truck 6x4, Loading Capacity 230,000kg

XCMGs XDE240 double axle rigid dump truck with electronically controlled diesel engine, Single turbocharged, good fuel economy, with plenty of power.
Mechanical drive mining trucks can be widely used in mining, civil engineering, quarry etc. Strong climbing ability, adapt to a variety of working conditions, high efficiency. XCMG has developed several classic mechanical drive trucks and developed lightweight mining trucks with high reliability and low operating costs. For the global market, we have a full range of mining transportation vehicle.
XCMG XDR100 dump truck Environment-friendly, electronically controlled, powerful diesel engine with less fuel consumption. High torque at low rpm for more traction power ensures strong vehicle climbing ability.
Welded box sectional steel structure.
Central Fire Extinguishing System option
Full Wet Disc Braking System for Front and Rear Bridges
Panoramic Driving Assistant Video System
High Performance Engine
Advanced AC Frequency Conversion Electric Drive System
Comfortable operating experience
Easy maintenance
Advanced Drive Control
Full-view drive auxiliary video system
Excellent after-sales service

This machine is manufactured to order only.
When enquiring, the place of use must be specified, this is the XCMG company's export policy.


* Since foundation in March 1943, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese and World construction machinery industry.
As one of Top 5 World Manufacturers of excavator, loader, crane, roller, grader, dump trucks etc.
Industry position
Business leader of China articulated Heavy dump truck.
Business standards maker of China articulated Heavy dump truck.

XCMG Showroom Location: Egypt, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Japan, Malaysia, Australia

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? Vehicle Total Mass 402,000kg
? Loading Capacity 230,000kg
? Curb Weight 172,000kg
? Engine Rated Power 1865kW
? Engine Max. Torque 10960Nm
? Min. Turning Radius 28.4 m
? Driving Style 6x4
? Certification RoHS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

It carries an imported genuine electronic control diesel engine, single-stage turbo charging, which is fuel economic and powerful; engine monitoring system can continuously detect cylinders working conditions, which can help prolong engine service life and reduce cost of use.
Imported alternating current drive system is adopted for the truck, makings it safe and reliable, lowering failure rate and reducing maintenance cost; and this system can realize constant power control and stepless speed regulation, offers strong traction and ensures maximized productivity.
The truck has a box-section design and is made of high-quality alloy steel plates, which gives it anti-fatigue strength, low-temperature impact resistance and good welding performances. Crucial stress-bearing positions are made of steel casts, which extend the service life.
Wagon is welded by high-strength anti-wear plate and low-alloy high-strength quenched and tempered steel, which ensures a long service life; a lightweight design can largely reduce wagon weight, improve transportation efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
ROPS & FOPS that meet ISO standards are installed for drivers cab, and its ergonomic design enlarges interior space and broadens field of view range; high-backrest seats with lumbar support secure drivers working safety and increases comfort level of driving experience.

Advantages and highlights of the XCMG XDR240 Heavy Rigid mining Dump Truck:

Comfortable And Reliable
The newly designed cab enjoys a huge view and lower noise. In the cab, seats can be slided all around and be adjusted to a comfortable position relative to the joysticks and foot pedal. Integrated control panel, enlarged skylight and sun shade, comfortable foot pedal, easy-to-clean footpads, multiple storage boxes, heat/cold storage boxes, and adjustable steering column form a control environment that conforms to ergonomics. The air conditioning control system allows the operator to feel comfortable while working for hours.
High Performance Engine
The original imported Cummins Tire2 electronically controlled diesel engine. Single -stage turbocharging has good fuel economy and abundant power. Engine monitoring system can monitor the working condition of each cylinder in real time, prolong the service life of the engine and reduce the use cost. Advanced full-electronic control system adopts dual-electronic control module to ensure the best performance of the engine at different altitudes and loads.
Advanced Traction Control System
The advanced traction control system distributes the torque to the other side by adjusting the braking force on both rear wheels to ensure the normal running. The traction control is realised by automatically adjusting the braking power of the two rear wheels on the wet slippery surface to prevent the skidding of wheels on one side.

The specification of the XCMG XDE240 Heavy Rigid mining Dump Truck 6x4

Vehicle Total Mass 402,000kg
Loading Capacity 230,000kg
Curb Weight 172,000kg
Engine Rated Power 1865kW
Engine max. torque 10960Nm
Max. speed 64km/h
Max. gradeability 17%
Min. Turn Radius 28.4m
Min. ground clearance 690mm
Loading height 6220mm
Wagon volume 108mĀ³ 2:1 148mĀ³(optional 250)mĀ³
Engine Model 16V4000
Standard Tyre 50/80R57
Drive System XCMG 240AC / GE 240AC
HVAC ensures the appropriate temperature
Auxiliary Driverless System option

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
With professional service teams and exceptional skills, we focuses on clients and provides whole-life cycle and whole-process service including delivery training, on-site service, maintenance, spare-part supply and secondhand disposal, etc.
Also can be extended warranty services according to customer requirements when both sides negotiated.

Special prices for:   African countries: Angola, Sudan, Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, South Sudan, Somalia, Madagascar, Botswana, Kenya, Cameroon, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Ghana, Uganda, Gambia, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, Gambia, Cameroon, Morocco and for China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tailand, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Panama, Guyana, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Algeria, Bolivia. Lowest prices and great discounts from multiple units.

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Manufactured by: XCMG
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Mining | Mine dump trucks
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
  QTY Available:   1
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