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  1. Crane TruckS
  2. Heavy duty Dump Trucks
  3. Mining | Mine dump truck
  4. Concrete Mixer truck
  5. Flatbed Truck
  6. Chassis Truck
  7. Tipper Truck
  8. Cargo Truck
  9. Tractor Truck
  10. Fuel Tank Truck
  11. Water Tank Truck
  12. Rescue Fire Truck
  13. Recovery truck
  14. Sewage Suction Truck
  15. Road Maintenance truck
  16. Fuel Tank Semi Trailer
  17. Heavy Duty Dump Semi Trailer
  18. Low Bed Semi Trailer

Catalog New trucks and trailers

  1. Howo Military troop personnel carrier truck 4x4

  2. Military Mobile kitchen Trailer 250TK

  3. Military Sinotruk Howo 4x4 fuel tanker truck with Pump 5000lt

  4. Sinotruk HOWO 8x4 30t wrecker/ recovery truck

  5. Sinotruk HOHAN 4x2 18t wrecker/ recovery truck

  6. Warrior Military Utility Vehicle 1000cc AWD 4X4

  7. Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 Multipurpose wrecker/ recovery truck

  8. Sinotruk HOWO 4x2 Multipurpose Wrecker Truck

  9. Sinotruck Howo 8x8 AWD Cargo Truck with 13t crane

  10. Sinotruck Howo A7 Box Stake cargo truck 8x4

  11. Military Mastiff Quad ATV 4WD 800cc

  12. Gecko Sport Race ATV Quad 4WD

  13. Gecko Sport Race Electric 2000W ATV Quad

  14. Sinotruk Sitrak G7 Head Tractor 6X4

  15. Sinotruk Sitrak G7 Head Tractor 4X2

  16. Military Quad Buggy 300cc 4WD UTV

  17. Shacman X5000 4x2 tractor truck

  18. Military Barracuda Quad Buggy 250cc 4WD UTV

  19. Gecko Quad Buggy UTV 4WD with cargo trailer

  20. Extreme Quad Buggy 300cc 4WD UTV

  21. Farm cargo ATV quad bike 4WD

  22. Electric Farm Quad Buggy 4WD with cargo body

  23. ATV big quad bike SH-403 4WD with cargo body

  24. Panthera UTV Personnel carrier with winch

  25. Panthera Amphibious Personnel carrier tracked UTV

  26. Amphibious V-TWIN 8X8 ATV waterwheel vehicle

  27. Boxer Sport Race electric 2000W ATV Quad

  28. Extreme Race Beetle ATV Quad

  29. Predator Sport Race Electric 5000W ATV Quad

  30. Farm cargo ATV Quad 4WD

  31. Predator Sport Race Electric 3000W ATV Quad

  32. Predator Sport race Electric 4000W ATV Quad

  33. Warrior Military Utility Vehicle 800cc AWD 4X4

  34. Sinotruk Howo Dropside cargo truck 6X4

  35. Prime Mover Truck Howo N7B 6x4

  36. Sinotruk Howo Light Crane Truck 4x4

  37. Sinotruk Howo Crane Tractor Truck 6x4 16t

  38. Sinotruk Howo Crane cargo truck 6x4 16t

  39. Sinotruk Howo Crane cargo truck 6x4 20t

  40. Military Ambulance Emergency off-road SUV 4WD RHD

  41. Sinotruk Howo 265 Cargo Truck 4x2

  42. Tractor Sinotruk Howo 420 Head truck 6x4

  43. Ambulance mobile Hospital ICU vehicle 4WD

  44. Ambulance Emergency with Negative Pressure ICU 4WD

  45. Heavy Duty Semi Trailers Cement Bulk Carrier 50m3

  46. CIMC Tri-axle 40ft High Flatbed Trailer 40 tons

  47. Sinotruk Howo flatbed semi trailer 13t

  48. Sinotruk Howo dumper tipper Trailer 20m3

  49. SINOTRUK Forest Flatbed Trailer for wood 60 tons

  50. Fence Semi Trailer Livestock Carrier 60t

  51. Sinotruk Howo A7 tractor truck 6x4

  52. Sinotruk Howo A7 Heavy Cargo Truck 371hp 8x4

  53. Shacman L3000 Flatbed Truck 4x2

  54. Shacman F3000 sprinkler water tanker truck 4x2

  55. Shacman F3000 Cargo truck mounted Straight crane 6x4

  56. Shacman F3000 Flatbed Cargo truck mounted crane 6x4

  57. Shacman L3000 Refrigerator thermo King truck 4x2

  58. Sinotruk Thermos Refrigerator truck 20m3 6x4

  59. Sinotruk Refrigerator truck for Freezer meat 4x2

  60. Sinotruk Howo Refrigerator freezer truck 4x2

  61. Sinotruk HOWO Refrigerator truck 8x4

  62. Sinotruk Hohan Flatbed cargo long trucks 8x4

  63. Shacman H3000 heavy dump truck 8x4

  64. Howo Isuzu dump truck 8×4 70ton

  65. ISUZU Light Wrecker Tow Truck 4x2

  66. Underground Mine Howo truck 6x4 70 tons

  67. Sanitation Garbage Truck 6x4 16m3

  68. Garbage collection sanitation truck 6x4 16m3

  69. Mining Dump Truck 70 Tons

  70. Sinotruk Garbage Compactor Truck 12m3 4x2

  71. Sinotruk Garbage Compactor Truck 4x2

  72. Howo sewage suction truck 4x2 LHD

  73. Howo Sewage waste truck 6x4

  74. Vacuum Sewage Cleaning UN Truck 6x4

  75. Vacuum Sewage Cleaning Truck 4x2

  76. Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck 6x4

  77. Sewage Suction Truck 4x2

  78. Sinotruk Howo liquid Asphalt tank truck 6x4

  79. Fiber Slurry Sealing truck HOWO 8x4

  80. Intelligent asphalt sprayer Howo truck 4x2 8cbm

  81. Sinotruk Howo light dump tipper Truck

  82. Sinotruk Howo light duty Dump Truck

  83. Sinotruk mining truck 70 Tons

  84. Sinotruk Haul mining truck 70 Tons

  85. Heavy Duty Sinotruk Howo tipper truck 8x4

  86. Sinotruk MAN dump truck 8x4

  87. Sinotruk Wrecker Road Recovery truck 4x2

  88. Howo Flatbed cargo Truck 4x2

  89. Howo Light cargo Truck 4x2

  90. Firefighter Howo rescue fire truck 6x4

  91. Howo Fire Fighting truck 4x2 10CBM

  92. Fire Fighter Truck 4x2

  93. Sinotruk Concrete Pump Truck 6x2 125m3/h 21m

  94. Concrete Pump Truck 8×4 125m3

  95. OIL Tanker Semi Trailer 45 m3 3 Axles

  96. Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer 3 Axles 45 m3

  97. Aluminum Bulk Cement Powder Semi Trailer 30m3

  98. Aluminum Bulk Cement Powder Semi Trailer 50m3

  99. Cement Powder tanker truck 45m3 8x4

  100. Sinotruk Hohan Bulk Powder Truck 30m3 6×4

  101. Howo Liquid tank truck for hazardous Chemicals 6×4

  102. Oil Tanker Truck 25m3 6×4

  103. Fuel Tanker Truck HOWO 25CBM 6×4

  104. Fuel/Oil tanker truck HOWO A7 21000l 6×4

  105. Fuel tanker truck HOWO A7 21000l 6×4

  106. Grain carrier Semi Trailer 50t

  107. Military Sinotruk fuel tanker truck 20m3 6×4

  108. Military Oil Tanker Truck 15m3 6×4

  109. Sinotruk Howo water tank truck 4X2 10m3

  110. Military Water Tanker Truck 20m3 6×4

  111. Water Tanker / Bulk Powder Trucks 20m3 6×4

  112. Water Tanker / Bulk Powder Trucks 32m3 8x4

  113. Military heavy cargo Howo truck 4WD

  114. Heavy Duty Lowbed Semi Trailer 3 Axles 60t

  115. Heavy Duty Q235 Lowbed Semi Trailer 100t

  116. Heavy Duty Lowbed Semi Trailer 100t

  117. Lowbed Semi Trailer 45t with 3 Axles

  118. Heavy Duty CIMC Dump Semi Trailer 80t

  119. Dumping Tipper Flatbed Semi Trailer 80t

  120. Heavy Duty Side Lifting Semi Trailer 3 Axles 40 ft

  121. CIMC Tipper Semi Trailer 6 Axles 120 Tons

  122. Bulk Cargo transport Semi Trailer 60t

  123. Heavy Duty Bulk Cargo Semi Trailers 60t

  124. Heavy Duty 4 axle 80 Tons Dump Semi Trailer

  125. 3 Axles Dump Semi Trailer 40t Air Suspension

  126. Dump Semi trailer 60t with side guard

  127. Howo A7 HEAD tractor truck 6x4

  128. Prime mover truck Sinotruk Howo A7 6x4

  129. Prime Mover truck Howo7 6x4 30t

  130. Tractor truck Howo N7B 6x4 30t

  131. Tractor truck Honan Howo A7 6x4 30t

  132. Tractor Truck Howo A7 HOHAN 6x4 30t

  133. Fuel Tank Semi Trailer 45m3

  134. Fuel Tank Semi Trailer 60000 lt

  135. Heavy Duty Dump Truck 6x4 Howo yellow

  136. Sinotruk Howo Dump truck 6x4 18CBM

  137. Heavy Duty Dump truck 6x4 Sinotruk Howo

  138. Dump truck 6x4 Howo 18CBM

  139. Military Howo Heavy Cargo Truck 8x8

  140. Heavy Duty Dump truck 6x4 Howo 20CBM

  141. Heavy Duty Dump truck 8x4 Howo 28CBM

  142. Dumper truck 6x4 Howo 20CBM

  143. Sinotruk Howo water tank truck 20m3 4x2

  144. FOTON Crane truck HWFT5T

  145. Dongfeng Crane Truck 8X4 14t

  146. Dongfeng Truck 8X4 with 16t Crane

  147. Dongfeng Crane Truck 8X4 12t

  148. Dongfeng Crane Truck 6X4 12t

  149. Sinotruk Crane truck 4x4 6.3t

  150. Chassis Truck 4x4 with 3.5t Crane

  151. Crane Truck 4x4 with 10t Crane

  152. Sinotruk Haoman Crane Truck 4x4 5t

  153. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD100 4WD


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  13. Large stock of off-road UTV and ATV

  14. All XCMG construction and road vehicles


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These models can meet the requirements of severe environment like construction.
Rich equipment, Reliable, economical, productive at a low cost.