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Cab manufactured of the Recovery trucks by the welding line composed by international advanced robots, safety and reliable top-level quality. All the bodies adopt integral steel-framed structure, hard and firm, allowing high collision resistance and external force resistance.
Advantages of Recovery trucks
  1. High efficiency and Cost effective
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. No complex electronics
  4. Powerful to ensure uninterrupted operation
  5. Adapt to harsh conditions
  6. Good economy: high-explosive pressure and optimized injection and combustion system, ensuring its low specific oil consumption at a wide range of sppds, Minimum specific oil consumption is 186/kwh.
  7. Low nose: noise reaches the international level.
  8. High-integration: volume of spare parts reduced 25% compared with the similar products in the world, highly reducing the failure points.
  9. Long life of B10: reach the most advanced world level of heavy duty truck, 1.5 million kms.
  10. Long oil change interval: for Euro IV oil, the first oil change mileage( oil change interval) for the road vehicles since left factory shall be up to 100.000 kms, for the oil selling bu Petrochina and Sinopec. it shall be up to 60.000 kms, greatly reducing the cost.
  11. Advanced design concept, optimise the structure according to user's usage habits, easy maintenance.

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ISUZU  Light Wrecker Tow Truck 4x2 for sale
ID: 2159
Qty Available: 5 units
Manufactured by: Sinotruk
The price: $ P.O.A.

NEW ISUZU Light Wrecker Tow Truck 4x2 for city road rescue with manual gearbox High Operation efficiency.  It has the powerful function such as lifting,traction,hoisting,lifting platform,carrying transport etc.    These Light Wrecker trucks where Created by German MAN technology.    Driving Type:: 4x2  Max Towing Weight:: 5 tons  Transmission Type:: Manual  Dimensions (L X W X H) (mm)5950X2300X2300    Function: Wrecker truck equipped with lifting winch device and wheel bracket  which can lift, towing, .........

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Wrecker Road Recovery truck  4x2 for sale
ID: 2106
Qty Available: 10 units
Manufactured by: Sinotruk
The price: $ P.O.A.

NEW Sinotruk Wrecker Road Recovery / tow Truck 4x2  Trucks where Created by German MAN technology.    3P2A flat bed, 5.6 meters long, 2.3 meters wide.  Drag 3 tons, payload 3 tons, rear lifting can be 2.965 tons.    Multi valve, balance valve is imported by Italy original (Haide).  Double layer steel wire hydraulic hose, all imported German seal ring and split mould press welding panel. and it is wear-resistant, anti sliding and great resistance.    Brand Name: Sinotruk  Certification: iso, ccc  Model .........

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