DROPS body - 20ft ISO flat rack

ID: 189 Ref MOD: 11717
Location:DN10 6ET, Doncaster, THE UK

DROPS body - 20ft ISO flat rack

Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture:

Reynolds boughton 20ft flat rack for use with hook loader equipment.
We have a choice of flat racks with twist locks for carring 20 ft containers or standard flats with tie down points for carrying pallets etc.

The span between the two central beams is: 42" outside edge to outside edge and 35.5" inside edge to inside edge.
We have two types, first is without twist locks to fix container and second type with with twist lock for container.

Dims are L: 6M W: 2.4M H 1.6m
ex british army
Manufactured by:   Reynolds
Units Available: 100 units

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