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Land rover 90 RHD wolf (Soft Top) | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale



Ex military Land rover defender 90 RHD wolf soft top.

Specification Ex military Land rover defender 90 RHD wolf soft top

Category Used Landrovers
Manufacturer Land Rover
Engine 300 tdi engine diesel
Gearbox R380 gearbox 5 speed
Steering PAS - RHD
Tyres G90
Electrics 24v

Export Requirements ...more OGEL/SIEL Licence Required

The Land Rover WMIK has been in service with the UK Military for decades, usually used for transport and of men and supplies, either onboard or towed behind.

The SAS pioneered the use of the Land Rover as a mobile weapons platform. The SAS had used jeeps to shoot up German aircraft parked on remote desert airstrips during World War 2. Post War, they eventually graduated to the new Land Rovers. Mobility Troop perfected the art of adapting the utility vehicles into long range patrol and attack vehicles. The concept was proved in 1991 when the SAS drove several heavily-armed Land Rover columns behind Iraq lines during operation desert storm.

The WMIK was designed as a reconnaissance and fire support vehicle. Mounts for various weapons systems allow the WMIK to be armed in a range of configurations.
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